[Prototype] Prise de Bec

In "Prise de bec", seagulls and pelicans have arranged to meet on a beach to determine which of them are the best at fishing. Only the most imposing and the most dextrous birds can win the game! "Prise de bec" is a tossing game for the whole family. It's fun and addictive! Easy and quick to set up, it can be played inside the house, on a table, without any noise or any danger.

From 2 to 6 players

From 6 years old

15 to 20 minutes long


02/2017 : Festival International des Jeux de Cannes's "PROTO LAB".

04/2017 : Larmor Pion's "INNOVATIVE CONTEST" winner.

04/2017 : Finist'aire de Jeux's "AUTHOR SPONSORING", with Jean-Louis Roubira (Dixit).

06/2017 : Paris est Ludique's "GAMES TOMORROW" contest winner (3rd).

09/2017 : Ludix's "GAME CREATION" contest.